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Since 1967, Halloran & Yauch, Inc. has taken pride in providing long lasting, quality irrigation systems. We provide residential, commercial, and golf course design and installation service. Beyond installing hundreds of residential projects each year, we have been involved with the majority of prominent Chicagoland landscape and irrigation projects in the last several years including, Soldier Field, Millennium Park, O'Hare Airport, Art Institute, and Trump Tower. We also are involved with continuing work at The Chicago Botanic Gardens and Morton Arboretum. In 2000, we were listed in the top 10 irrigation companies in the United States. Our experience allows us to be the preferred irrigation company of many of the leading landscape contractors, landscape architects, builders, and homeowners in Chicagoland.

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What Makes Us Better?

Halloran & Yauch, Inc.

  • All heavy duty PVC piping (click for details)
  • Piping at minimum 12" depth
  • Brass electric valves
  • Trained professional plumber/installer
  • #14 Gage Wiring
  • 3-Year Guarantee/Warranty through Halloran & Yauch, Inc.
  • Established in 1967
  • Permits taken with Village
  • Licensed & Bonded with all Villages
  • Separate Service/Maintenance Personnel
  • As-Built Drawing upon completion
  • Minimum 25 year life of system
  • Highest Quality
  • Family owned and operated for over 50 years
  • State Licensed Plumbing Contractor
  • State Licensed Irrigation Contractor & employees
  • Certified Irrigation Association Contractor
  • EPA WaterSense Partner
  • Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor

Other Irrigation Contractors

  • Lightweight Polyethylene piping
  • Usually 3" depth
  • Plastic Electric Valves
  • Unskilled labor/installer
  • Controllers plugged in
  • #18 Gage Wiring
  • Warranty through manufacturer
  • Here Today - Gone Tomorrow
  • Usually no permits taken
  • Usually not licensed & bonded with Villages
  • Usually poor or no service available
  • As-Built Drawing usually not provided
  • 5-10 year expected life of system
  • Lower price
  • Disposable system


Halloran & Yauch Inc.'s irrigation and sprinkler system design services.


Every property is unique and therefore requires maximum design effort to guarantee that a quality system is developed. Our staff of experts will produce a scaled and engineered irrigation design showing proper sprinkler head location and spacings for your review.

Halloran & Yauch, Inc.'s irrigation and sprinkler system installation services.


Halloran & Yauch chooses only the finest available materials to install in every one of its systems. The extra expense of the higher quality materials will be easily forgotten as your lawn sprinkling system continues to reliably operate year after year.

Halloran & Yauch Inc.'s irrigation and sprinkler system maintenance services.


Halloran & Yauch will drain your lawn sprinkling system the fall after installation and activate it the
following spring as part of the contract. Once the first year of follow-up service has expired, annual
service programs are available.

Other Services

  • Drip & Green Roof Irrigation
  • Backflow Preventer Installation & Service
  • Backflow Preventer Testing
  • Booster Pump Installation & Service
  • Pond Pump Station Installation & Service
  • Irrigation Wire Fault Finding Service
  • Interior Plumbing
  • Site Plumbing
  • Drinking Fountain Installation
  • Floating Fountaing/Aerator Installation & Service
  • Drainage Piping
  • Decorative Display Fountain Pumps, Piping & Service
  • Wire/Conduit Vibratory Plow Installation
  • Water Main Taps & Excavations
  • Meter Vault Installation
  • Rain Water Harvesting
Halloran & Yauch Inc.'s three year guarantee against defects in material & workmanship.

Our Guarantee

Every Halloran & Yauch irrigation system has an unconditional three year guarantee against defects in material & workmanship.

An As-Built drawing of your irrigation system showing the actual sprinkler head, valve, pipe, and drain locations as well as full instructions for winter draining will also be provided to you at the time of completion.

Benefits of An Irrigation System

Water Savings

According to a university study in Texas, installing an automatic irrigation system will save 40% of the water typically used by watering your lawn by hand. Based on typical water costs, most homes in our area will recoup the investment in 2-3 years.


Time Savings

Irrigation systems work on their own, so no more wasting time manually watering. Now you have more time to do the things you love, while your lawn gets what it needs to thrive.


Money Savings

The benefits of an irrigation system outweigh the initial cost of the system, which will pay for itself sooner than you think.

Landscape Insurance

The cost to replace a drought damaged lawn is about the same as the cost to install an irrigation system. So, if a system saves your lawn just once, you have made your money back! Save it again and you are ahead.

Home Value

A better-looking landscape increases a home’s value.  A Clemson University study found homes with “excellent” landscapes sold at a price 11% higher than homes with an “average” landscape.

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