Knoch Park

When the Naperville Park District decided to renovate Knoch Park, they decided to create an eco-friendly environment by watering part of the park with rainwater instead of city water.  They chose to install a “rain harvesting” tank so when the dry Summer months came, they could re-use the water for irrigation. This is where Halloran & Yauch came in. We installed a 10,000-gallon tank under the park to capture the rain from the playground area and the pavilion/restroom roof. When it rains, the rain is captured and funneled into the tank for storage. When irrigation is needed, the water is pumped out and used for watering part of the park. The tank fills up completely with 1” of rain. This is the equivalent of 143 bathtubs of water being re-used for irrigation each time it rains. This is another reason why Halloran & Yauch is the industry leader in responsible irrigation methods. Next time you are in Naperville, check out Knoch Park, it is the standard for environmentally friendly green spaces.